Recognizing the need to address the land issues from an integrated and national perspective, ILC members aim to secure tenure rights of the rural poor. Specifically, the objectives of NES are the following:

  • pursue reforms and protect the gains of past and current asset reform policies and programs;
  • address inter-sectoral concerns on land and future legal frameworks;
  • enhance the basic sectors’ capacities to demand and defend their rights and natural resources;
  • develop a comprehensive and coherent land data system; and,
  • enhance coordination among ILC members in the Philippines

Having a long history of involvement on land issues in the country, ILC members are pursuing the goal and objectives of NES, recognizing and respecting their respective institutional strategies and at the same time engaging the various campaigns pushing for policy reforms to enhance the poor’s access to land adopting eight of the ten ILC’s people-centred land governance priority areas.

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