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TIPANAN: Official Publication of the ILC-NES Philippines

Author(s): ILC-NES Philippines
Year: 2017
Publisher: ILC
Type of publication: Book

TIPANAN is the official publication of the ILC NES Philippines platform. Tipanan means covenant.

This publication contains the major outputs of the third year of implementation of the National Engagement Strategy in the Philippines.

This publication was made possible with the support of the the International Land Coalition (ILC).

Download the full document here.

You may also download specific contents below:

  1. What now for Agrarian Reform Implementation in the Duterte Administration
  2. National Land Use Act: A Policy Brief
  3. The Philippine ICCA Bill: A Policy Brief
  4. Updating the Philippine Land Sector
  5. Status of tenure reform in public lands under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
  6. Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP)
  7. Local and Collaborative Ecosystem Management in Kalatungan
  8. Delineation of the Lebak Ancestral Domain
  9. Engaging the media through Investigative news gathering and writing, and media relations


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