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2014 Philippine Land Reform Monitoring Report: Resource Conflicts and Human Rights Violations in the Philippines

Year: 2015
Publisher: ILC, MISEREOR
Type of publication: Monitoring report

The 2014 Land Reform Monitoring Report focuses on resource conflicts and human rights violations involving agrarian lands, coastal waters and ancestral domains. In particular, the study: (a) identified the nature of resource conflicts occurring in the Philippines among agrarian lands, municipal waters and ancestral domains through case reports; (b) describe what human rights violations were committed that have resulted to source conflicts; and (c) formulated recommendations to contribute to the process of managing and resolving resource conflicts. ANGOC then partnered with two academic institutions: College of Social Work and Community Development of the University of the Philippines and Xavier University to prepare the design and methodology which was enhanced in a consultation workshop with ILC members and other CSOs involved in land rights.

Download: 2014 PhilLandMonitoring Report Final Draft

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