Advocacy maps and studies for the NLUA campaign presented

  Saturday October 22, 2016   ,

ILC NES Philippine members together with Campaign for Land Use Policy NOW (CLUP Now!) and (GIZ) representative, gathered in two separate meetings to discuss and review the supporting documents for the passage of the National Land Use and Management Act (NLUA) Bill.

On 17 June, the Philippine Association for Intercultural Development (PAFID) presented samples of advocacy maps in Batangas to the Members focusing on the following layers:

  • Protection land use
  • Production land use with prime rice lands and mines
  • Production land use with Network for Protected Areas for Agriculture an Agro-industrial Development (NPAAD) mines
  • Landslide hazards, faults, and settlements
  • Alluvial lands and settlements

Participants suggested methods and techniques to showcase these maps for mass awareness.

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