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Author(s): Antonio Quizon and Michele Robin Esplana
Year: 2017
Publisher: ANGOC
Type of publication: Land Monitoring Report

This 2016 report on Land Reform Monitoring focuses on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) implementation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) on the management and redistribution of public lands in the Philippines – which include those public lands and forestlands suitable for agriculture. The results of this studyRead More

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Author(s): PhilDHRRA and ANGOC
Year: 2012
Publisher: ILC
Type of publication: Land monitoring report

This report is a pilot monitoring initiative on land reform in the Philippines using the indicators developed by ANGOC on land tenure and access to land particularly on agrarian lands. It also recommends for policy actions addressing tenurial security, threats to security of tenure, agrarian reform support services, and participationRead More

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Year: 2015
Publisher: ILC, MISEREOR
Type of publication: Monitoring report

The 2014 Land Reform Monitoring Report focuses on resource conflicts and human rights violations involving agrarian lands, coastal waters and ancestral domains. In particular, the study: (a) identified the nature of resource conflicts occurring in the Philippines among agrarian lands, municipal waters and ancestral domains through case reports; (b) describeRead More

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